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Making the decision to renovate or completely rebuild your home is not an easy one and finding a professional Calgary home builder will make a massive difference in the quality of the finished home and your stress levels.  A number of factors have to be considered; what are your space requirements? What do you envision the final product looking life? You may have just bought a home on a beautiful plot of land in inner city Calgary. The location is perfect: close to reputable schools, a vibrant community and easy access to green space and walkways. Location is a key factory, especially considering how difficult it can be to snatch up desirable land within the city limits of Calgary. The home on the other hand, it just is not cutting it. It is outdated, needs a lot of love and time and just wasn’t what you had in mind. There is potential, but it is going to take some serious planning and patience. Here is where you must make the choice: tear it down and completely rebuild or gut it and start the project from the inside out?

At Riverview Custom Homes, whatever decision you make is one we can work with you to complete. That may not help your decision on what to do however, so here are a few ideas from us. Choosing a location you are in love with is the first step, but if the home is outdated and damaged, it is time for some changes. You may notice that there is poor circulation through the home or water damage in multiple locations under the upstairs bathroom. The original home is nice, but you are not head over heals with its character. Rebuilding is starting to sound like the way to go if these issues are running through your mind. Rebuilding is by far the best option if there is heavy maintenance costs associated with remodeling the current home or if you want to drastically change the design and look. On the other hand, if you like a lot of the features of the current home, are impressed with the vintage character of it and see no major damage or problems, renovation may be your ticket. If this is a home you can see yourself owning for many years, then the value you recoup upon selling may not be a considerable factor right now. You may not get the value back through a renovation, but that may not be an issue for you. Completely rebuilding almost always raises the total value much higher than a renovation, and that is a big factor if selling value is of a high importance.

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Whatever choice you decide to make, you can rest assured that Riverview Custom Homes has the means to help create your end vision. We have assisted clients in much contemplation on whether to create a custom home in Calgary or to renovate. The outcome is ultimately up to you, but it can be helpful to have another opinion once in a while. At Riverview Custom Homes, we can be that opinion for you and then create the luxury product of your dreams and we are an innovative Calgary inner city home builders which find the best lots and create truly stunning homes.

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Calgary Home Insurance Rates Increased by Claims

This year, Calgary home insurance rates increased by nearly 50 percent because the Alberta province held the highest incidence of losses caused by natural disasters. To learn more read this story here.

Most Natural Disaster Losses Recorded in Alberta Province

In 2012, insurance companies from Alberta, Canada, had to cover 62 percent of natural disaster losses of the country. It was only natural for companies to react and cover their own losses. But while companies are implementing an iminent change, policy holders are not all that happy. Insurance companies said that in recent years they ended up paying 98 cents out of every dollar for sewer back-up and hails claims. But some people were disappointed and shocked to find out that their insurance did not cover flooding.

Looking for a New Insurance Company?

Many Calgary home insurance clients said that they’re looking around to try and find a better deal. One person said that the increase with her company is expected to be as high as 40 percent, which means paying for another half of an insurance every year. Such people have already started shopping around for quotes. Get free home insurance quotes online by filling and submitting a simple form with basic information about you and your home.

Insurance Bureau of Canada Recommendations

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has recommended checking thoroughly when you sign a policy. Even if you already have Calgary home insurance, check the papers to see what it covers. And if anything is unclear, don’t refrain from asking questions. You can always cancel your current policy and get another one that’s better.

Always look at your deductibles and rates. And make sure you ask around for quotes to compare prices and get the best deal out there that fits you needs.Don’t sign the paper if you’re not sure that it’s what you need. Don’t pay for an insurance that does not have great coverage. You might end up not receiving anything if something happens and you need to make a claim.

Your Website Is Like Insurance…

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Yes, I know it sounds weird but your website is like insurance for your business.  When you need leads and sales are down, the Internet can be a great way to make up for it (like insurance).  Some biz owners make the Internet their primary strategy for acquiring leads which is totally fine.  But, EVERY biz owner should at least have it there for insurance as a minimum.

When I say “website” that doesn’t mean what you think.  Everyone has a website nowadays but I’m not referring to just a typical website.  I’m referring to having a website that converts visitors into leads and also engaging in search engine marketing in calgary along with Google adwords to get targeted traffic.

If you hire a company that knows what they are doing they can really help you use the Internet in a positive way by designing a high converting website and getting it to the top of Google.

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Car Insurance Edmonton: What It Can Do For You and Your Car

Best Edmonton Car Insurance Rates

What’s in store for you when you strike a deal with our car insurance Edmonton company?

Here in Canada, you are legally obliged to obtain insurance for your car. It is not optional at all. You should have the bare minimum coverage. However, if you are a sensible driver, you will go beyond the minimum coverage and opt for more protection.

Typically, car insurance coverage in Canada includes the following: coverage against collision, coverage for accidents, coverage for third-party liability, unidentified motorists’ coverage (which protects you if you get injured because of an uninsured driver’s actions), coverage for property damage, and comprehensive coverage (mainly against vandalism, theft, and falling objects).

Our car insurance company will provide you with your needed coverage. We will help you identify your needs and we will provide a highly satisfactory car insurance policy once we hear of those needs. You, your family, and your car will be financially safe from the multiple unexpected events that can happen involving your car.  It is easy to get Edmonton car insurance quotes at our website.

What is wonderful about being our client is that you can do all transactions online. We believe in the power of the Internet to make your life convenient. You do not have to go out to search for a car insurance company, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Without going out of your room, you can shop for quotes here and get your car insured right away. Buying insurance does not have to be a chore – you can use your Web savvy to do it with us.

You can even save money with you transact with our car insurance company. If your driving record is flawless and you are giving your car great care and protection, then expect lower premiums from us. So get a quote from our car insurance Edmonton company and find out the wonders that our car insurance policies will give you.

Home, Life and Car Insurance For Those Who Know How Uncertain Life Can Be…

Best Calgary Car Insurance Rates

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Let’s face it… life isn’t always the way you plan.  There are lots of unexpected twists and turns.  Sometimes you even face emergencies.  That is why insurance is so important.  Insurance helps you through those times of crises.  Of course, nobody ever likes to pay for insurance UNTIL that unexpected disaster happens (then insurance is your best friend).

But not all insurance companies are created equal.  Some of them don’t pay out damages easily… you need to fight them tooth and nail.  And the last thing you want to do when you have to make a claim (after all those years of paying) is fight them for your money.

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If you are looking for a fresh new approach to car insurance and love dealing with a western Canadian company that has it’s roots right here in Calgary then give Sharp Insurance a call.  Their approach removes much of the traditional administration costs which means lower rates for you.


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